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We are accepting applications until:
Tuesday, December 14th 2021 at 00:00h UTC

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Status of authors & uploaded photos

#First & last nameCountryTheme ATheme BTheme CTheme DEntry fee status
1.Jean-Pierre KoesslerFrance0000Not paid
2.Tim SandersEngland0000Not paid
3.Ajit HuilgolIndia4444Not paid
4.Danny SermonBelgium4444Paid
5.Clement Van NuffelBelgium0000Not paid
6.Partha Pratim JanaIndia4444Paid
7.Elisardo MinksChile0000Paid
8.Pantelis KranosCyprus4444Paid
9.Francis NicollBelgium0000Paid
10.Heather MeintjesSouth Africa4444Paid
11.Klaus-Peter SelzerGermany4444Paid
12.Huy Son NguyenVietnam4444Paid
13.Roberto ColomboItaly0044Paid
14.Ashok Kumar TIndia0110Paid
15.Ngar Shun Victor WongHong Kong0000Not paid
16.Kovari RudolfHungary4444Paid
17.Philippa WoodNew Zealand4444Paid
18.Hai VuVietnam4444Paid
19.Vu Bao NgocVietnam4444Paid
20.Hungmo KimSouth Korea1110Paid
21.Alexandre LonckeBelgium4444Paid
22.Aleksandr ArtemevBelarus4144Paid
23.Hiep NguyenVietnam0000Paid
24.Dilip De SarkerIndia4444Paid
25.Jean-Jacques MilanFrance4444Paid
26.Ioannis LykourisGreece4444Paid
27.Susan PearmainEngland4444Paid
28.Maryam AlmosawiBahrain4444Paid
29.Wu Tzung LeeHong Kong4444Paid
30.Renzo MazzolaItaly4444Paid
31.Laurence MaitreFrance4444Paid
32.Hanan Hassan Al-KhalifaBahrain4444Paid
33.Christopher GledhillEngland0000Paid
34.Ngoc Van NguyenVietnam4444Paid
35.Jan SharplesAustralia4444Paid
36.Terry GeorgeEngland4400Paid
37.Bernard DecaudinFrance0000Not paid
38.Albamaria AmicarelliItaly0000Not paid
39.Aleksandr FirstovAzerbaijan4044Paid