FIAP 2021/044                                         AAP 003                                 GPU L210067

Exhibition “DESERT FOX 2021’’

Propositions and participation rules

Association of Art Photographers (AAP)
Nairobi, KENYA

Exhibition: DESERT FOX 2021
Exhibition homepage:
We are proud to announce the opening of the grand ‘’DESERT FOX 2021’’ exhibition and to invite you to send us your best works.
We will showcase and award the best photos.

International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) FIAP 2021/044
Association of Art Photographers (AAP) AAP 003

Global Photographic Union (GPU) GPU L 21067

Entry fee
EUR 20/USD25 per author for all 4 sections
Entries of authors who did not pay the entry fee will be disqualified.

            PHOTO TRAVEL (color/mono) FIAP/ PTD
            NATURE (color/mono) FIAP/ ND
            OPEN Color (color) FIAP/ PID-C
            OPEN Monochrome (mono) FIAP/ PID-M

All authors must fill out an Online Entry Form on the official Exhibition website and submit their entries online.

Digital images can not be altered, including resizing in either direction, by the exhibition or by the exhibition's equipment before or during judging.
The exhibition is not allowed to resize the pictures sent by the entrants. Images will be judged with Acer H6510BD FHD 1920x1200.

Total of 232 awards will be awarded: