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We are accepting applications until:
Tuesday, July 26th 2022 at 00:00h UTC

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Status of authors & uploaded photos

#First & last nameCountryTheme ATheme BTheme CTheme DEntry fee status
1.Ruslan HajizadaAzerbaijan1101Not paid
2.Ali Sabih KadhimIraq0000Not paid
3.Quang Vien LeVietnam0000Not paid
4.Menachem SinaiIsrael4444Paid
5.Santosh BadeIndia4440Not paid
6.Alan YoungEngland4440Paid
7.Abdullah Al BattahSaudi Arabia4444Paid
8.Wo Ming ChowHong Kong4444Paid
9.Chidi ChenTaiwan4444Paid
10.Daniel Demy-GeroeAustralia4444Paid
11.Roberto De LeonardisItaly4444Paid
12.Petavinod KumarIndia0000Not paid
13.Philippe AubrunFrance4404Paid
14.John WhitbyEngland4444Paid
15.Laura Prego AbaloSpain4444Paid
16.Jean-Pierre VerdierFrance2000Not paid
17.Arthur RoyAustralia4400Not paid
18.Carla FiorinaItaly0000Not paid
19.Patrick W. SiuCanada4000Not paid
20.Wolfgang LinHong Kong0000Not paid